Who Likes to Party? I Vote, Nay. Or in Other Words, My Election Day Rant.

The midterm elections being nigh, I plan to do my civic duty and go to the polls, cast my ballot. But as I do so, I have a confession to make: I hate Democrats.  I hate Republicans.

Bottom line, I hate political parties. I do think if the Whig party still existed today, I might be pro-Whigg – afterall, I’d love to see our leaders wear powdered wigs and tights during debates.  But as fashion trends don’t seem to be reviving the powdered wig anytime soon, I will keep to my initial assertion: I hate political parties.Vote

As an American, I think I support many of the same fundamentals beliefs most of my fellow Americans believe in. I don’t believe in giving people a free ride, but I also don’t believe in letting people starve or suffer.  I believe in giving our children quality educations, and I believe in encouraging the growth of business and economy, but I also believe in fiscal responsibility and balancing budgets.  I believe in protecting the Constitution and individual liberties, but I also believe that sometimes we need laws to protect society as a whole.  My guess is most of you believe much the same, we just might not all agree on the nuts and bolts of how to get there.

However, anyone who listens to all the political commercials and campaigning during an election cycle would probably think conservatives and liberals come from opposite sides of the planet. Each political party portrays the other as sinister candidates who want to ruin the country, destroy individual liberties, bankrupt the economy, starve little children, and get rid of Christmas.  (I exaggerate, but only slightly.)

Read my lips, no more bedtimes!

I hate how we’re fed the message that to be a good liberal, you better vote Democratic to protect the party’s interests. To be a good conservative, you better vote Republican or you’ve betrayed the party.  How about we quit voting based solely on political party and start voting for leaders who we believe are honest, hard working, and have good ideas on how to make our cities, states, and country better.

“Well that’s a nice idea, Lalove, but your little rant here isn’t going to really change anything.”

You’re right, I probably won’t single handedly destroy the two-party system.  I probably won’t be chatting it up with Anderson Cooper on CNN about how I changed a nation anytime soon.  In fact, I don’t really want to get rid of political parties – I realize they are kind of a necessary evil.

But I do hope this post will make you, dear reader who has been kind-hearted enough to read my little rant, think more about who you’re voting for.

Let’s vote for people, not parties. Let’s look for leaders who exhibit honesty and a love for the cities, states, and country they will represent.  Honesty, passion, and humility are what make good leaders, regardless of what side of the political fence they are cornered into.  I’ll always pick a good leader over a political party.  Always.

And let’s stop vilifying leaders who chose to break party lines. In fact, let’s encourage them to think outside the box, be innovative, focus more on leadership and less on gaining votes for the next election cycle.

We may not find a Rick Grimes listed on our ballots on Election Day, ready to guide us through the pending zombie Apocalypse, but I do believe there are men and women on our ballots who can be great leaders. We just need to take the time to find them.


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